Based Pole Slaps Kippah on Sellout Politician During Debate

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Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 20, 2019


No way to recover from that.

Being called out for being a shabbos goy is a kill shot. Not in America, of course. But in Poland, it means that you should just give up on politics.

Times of Israel:

An election debate in the Polish city of Kielce on Saturday descended into a display of anti-Semitism and skullcap-throwing, as candidates sparred over restitution to Jewish Holocaust victims.

During the debate, Dawid Lewicki, a candidate for the far-right Confederation political alliance, stuck a kippah in front of a candidate from the ruling Law and Justice party and said, “This is the symbol of Law and Justice. They kneel before the Jews, they sell the country for $300 billion,” according to Polish press reports.

The Law and Justice candidate, Anne Krupka, then threw the skullcap off the table.

Even a representative of the ruling center-right coalition of shills was disgusted by the dirty little skullcap, and violently rejected it because her guilty conscience rebelled against the undeniable fact that her party is, in fact, a shabbos organization.

In America, the whole nation takes a knee and holds a day of national mourning if a kippah is downed.

An American soldier mourning on the Day of the Downed Kippah - lest we forget.

The establishment in Poland comes off as based compared to what we have in America, but they also tripped over themselves to apologize.

Remember the Ambassador who got attacked and spit on in Tel Aviv?

Poland’s Ambassador to Israel Marek Magierowski condemned the incident in a tweet on Sunday, saying that “all expressions of racially motivated hatred are unacceptable.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon, however, said it was not worthy of comment.

“This a fringe racist party that isn’t even worthy of responding to,” he said.

They’re a small party with a few seats in the Sejm, unfortunately.

And I wonder now if the political establishment will conclude that they have a moral justification for cucking to the Jews on the issue of reparations.

I’m skeptical of PiS, obviously. And now they’ve been officially branded by the dreaded yellow star EU-themed kippah.


At a Saturday campaign rally in Lodz, Morawiecki doubled down on his insistence that his Law & Justice party “would not consent” to claims of Holocaust restitution, telling voters “We will defend Poland.”

Morawiecki said paying restitution “violates international law and would also be a posthumous victory for Hitler, which is why we will never allow it.”

Last year, Warsaw passed a law that made it illegal to accuse the Polish nation or state of complicity in Nazi German war crimes.

The move sparked an outcry from Israel, which saw it as an attempt to ban testimonials on Polish crimes against Jews.

Elections are coming up, and we will see if this Jewish reparations hullabaloo translates into more Poles voting for the right or not.



Poles don’t owe Jews anything. The Jews Yagoda and Kaganovich killed millions of Ukrainians.

But the Jews haven’t paid the Ukrainians for that. Jews just want free money. They are lowly leeches.

No young Pole today should have to pay jews for something they didn’t do. And no young Jew today should get gibs for something that didn’t happen to them.


Actually, that’s incorrect. There are a few parliamentarians that joined Confederation in the last year. The link you posted leads to Confederation of Independent Poland party, founded in 1979. The right link is:

For instance, Robert Winnicki:

is one of those politicians. He is based and redpilled and seems to know the truth about 6 gorillion

Nationalist MP Robert Winnicki addressed the crowd, telling them: ‘One of the reason for this international Jewish lie is money. Hundreds of millions of dollars that Jewish groups want to obtain from Poland. They want to plunder Polish property, rob Poland and the Poles. That is the reason for this campaign of defamation. That is why we must defend ourselves.’

Plus Konfederacja is the most popular party among young Poles (K’15 is also more right wing than PiS, so all in all 43% of young males vote for more right-wing parties than currently ruling one)


I’d say it would be great if someone did this to Trump, but he donned the jewhat long ago.


Kikebart has begun shilling in favor of extorting Polish wealth for the jews.

It looks like the boomercons are in favor of it.


Kikebart is our eternal enemy.


My bad. I fixed the link.

I’ve been trying to read up on modern Polish politics. I know more about historic Polish politics than i know about all these modern parties.

I took the name from the article and ran it on wikipedia. Turns out there’s like 50 minor parties to sift through.

Anyways, fixed.


Roy Batty did nothing wrong.


Imagine if Trump was based


It looks like next summers movies will have Poles replacing Germans, Russians and Serbians as bad guys.



The Jews have made an absolute fortune from the Holohoax but these greedy bastards want more. Hopefully this time they’ve hit a brick wall and the Poles will stand firm and not give them anything.


He’s got guts.
In Germany he’d be dragged of to the gulag and never heard from again.


Man, this might be the biggest story in the world rn. A showdown over the holohoax, and the side we favor is doublino down.

Feels good, man.


we all need to do more things to show our resistance to kippah




Furthermore, after (((backslash from MSM))) he does not cuck down

Amazing! Leading politicians of Law and Justice, including Prime Minister Morawiecki, repeatedly appeared in public in Jarmulka. The Law and Justice party does not consider this to be a bad thing.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. Writing about the “scandal” is applauding the totalitarian principle: "One can talk about Jews well or not at all. Some people try to push it in that it is an act of anti-Semitism - while if something is an act of anti-Semitism, then at most treating the yarmulke as something offensive… And the lefties should be happy seing a woman with a yarmulke over her head - after all, they are fighting for equal rights… It is a simple symbol of the Polish Government agreeing with Jewish organizations on their property claims, a symbol of what needs to be strongly opposed.

And then he posted pics of “Polish” PM and “Polish” former president



The wall of jewish lies must come down.

Bravo, Poland. :clap:


I don’t see how anyone can be mad at him or call him out.

If your a pro-American politician, and there’s a huge debate over The Wall, and you’re talking about how America needs money to fund it, how could you be mad if someone tossed a tiny American flag in front of you and said you’re only looking out for American interests?

I mean, that’s exactly what happened here. “We need money because the Holocaust. Poland is implicit in the murder of 6 million. It’s abhorent; restitution can move us forward… What the hell is this symbol of Jewishness you just put in front of me while I’m trying to convince this audience to pursue a Jewish interest based on Jewish history? How dare you!”